Thank You!

Posted on May 1, 2016

Thanks to everybody who made it out to the Trail Workday! We had a nice, cool day and although the drizzle got heavy at times we never really saw any rain. We worked a few different sites throughout the day. Little Loop got some attention with a nice re-route, attention to some rough spots and new rock work.



Don’t look at the camera, get back to work!


This is going to be fun.

















Cool rock.


Man and machine or boy and toy? You decide.


Action shot!


Rock. Roll.












Owls Roost also saw some trail love,  wooden decking replaced with nice earth work and massaging of some rough spots.


Still waiting for photos from the OR crew, we’ll add them when they arrive.


End of day_1

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  1. Had a Great time Saturday working on the trail ! I am available to work on trails even if it’s not a trail work day , if you need help E me !! Thank -you

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