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Posted on Jun 23, 2015

There are 1,700 acres of taxpayer owned public property which we in the mountain bike community helped vote for to purchase.   It was supposed to enable us to have multi use trails similar to Reedy Fork.  (See bottom of e-mail from the original Open Space Charter).


The Mountain Bike community support of these bonds was significant but now we are being excluded.   Based on the turn-out for the public comment at Hagen Stone a year ago and the on-line survey for Rich Fork there are plans for considering to have mt. bike trails on the property many of you remember as Northwood Elementary School, which is now part of one of those preserves.


We need your help to do two things.

 1.) Vote on the first two websites below one for News & Record Survey and the other for the Triad City Beat.   Please be sure to do this it takes 15 seconds at the most. (Also provided are links for the biased reporting that doubts that mt. biking as a “surveyed” use was valid.)

2.) Attend the public input meeting in person this Thursday at 5:30-6:30 at the High Point Public Library, located at 901 N. Main Street, High Point, NC

It is very important that we get people who are taxpayers from High Point to attend, some have said that survey results done for the park were stacked by “non-High Point residents”.   It is not really relevant since it was purchased using Guilford County tax money.  If you want to ride in High Point, SHOW UP!


The Greensboro Fat Tire Board of Directors


Open Space Charter is in Blue below.

The mt. bike community was a major supporter at the time of both the 2000 & 2004 bonds since it was supposed to include single track trail access. Specifically, the guiding principles we used to promote the bond were:


  • A focus on the multiple uses, functions and benefits of open space.
  • Adherence to the concept of corridors and bubbles, such that, in thirty years, there will be strategically located open space bubbles or core areas throughout the county. Those core areas will be linked together by corridors, such as streams, greenways, bike trails, walking paths, or other linear connections to facilitate wildlife migration and recreation in core areas.
  • Core areas will have uses appropriate for each site.”


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  1. I was out-of-town last week when the meeting occurred (and only check this website sporadically), and am bummed I missed it. I moved to the High Point area a few years ago from Brevard. Mountain biking in Brevard not only was special to me not only because of the area or the exercise, but also because of the social network it provided–especially among women. As you can imagine moving to High Point has been a major social adjustment for my family and I who are accustomed to an active, down-to-earth, open-arms community. I would love to help with the furthering of this movement for mountain bike trails in the Northwood area. (And, it would be especially wonderful because we live in the adjoining neighborhood!) Again, it has taken some time to orient to the area, so I am regretful that I have yet to join you all for a group ride–maybe in the next few weeks! Also, please let me know when the next FTS meeting is.
    Thank you! Lisa Meyer-Braun

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