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Posted on Feb 12, 2015

It’s a sad day for the Triad Mountain Biking community.

As many of you know by now, has shutdown. You can go to and see a Thank You page that also explains why. I know it was a tough decision for Laura and Chris to make.

I am going to miss biketriad, it has been my online connection to the area mountain bike scene for quite some time. I have ridden many miles with many friends that I’ve met through the site. At it’s peak, it was a pretty happening place for mountain bikers around here. Always a ride or three being planned.  I think these things are true for a lot of Triad folks.

I’ve already been contacted by people wanting to know how to contact Chris & Laura to thank them and tell them what biketriad has meant to them. Of course, we can’t give out any contact info but what YOU can do is reply to this post. The comments are visible to the public, the only hitch is the first post a person makes will be moderated so it might take a little while to be viewable. (It’s an anti-spam thing)

One question for you folks, is a forum something you are interested in?

See you on the trails!



  1. absolutely need a forum also interested in highlights from the club meeting

  2. Meeting minutes were last updated 2/14. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. I agree with Chris in that we very much need a local forum for the mtb community. It would also be nice to have the meeting minutes kept up to date so members and potential members can know what is actually going on within the club.

    Many thanks indeed to Chris and Laura for all the have done for the community with biketriad. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still be riding to this day or have met I’ll the people I have without it.

    Having said that, I really hope they may consider at least keeping it open as an archive for viewing. It literally contains a library of information on our local trails that is not available anywhere else. If there is an issue with cost of keeping it up, perhaps we can start a donation fund?

  4. Thanks for the comments. Glad to see people are reading this stuff.

    We agree that a forum would be a valuable addition to the GFTS site, and we are looking at making that happen soon.

    Whether people will actually participate in a forum remains to be seen. BikeTriad used to be a very lively forum but in the last few years traffic has steadily declined. There are probably a few reasons for this but the main one, as I see it, is probably the tremendous changes on the ‘social media’ front. To me, a forum is more like a collection of conversations/discussions that turns into a reference of sorts, as Mark noted above. The new trend seems to be more quick, short messages maybe with a photo. Folks might respond and then move on. After awhile, things just sink to the bottom as new stuff is added at the top.

    Then again, I may have that all wrong.

    On the subject of meeting notes, we are working on putting that up on this site and out to the GFTS email list in the next day or two.

    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: The club Secretary position is currently vacant. This is the officer who is responsible for taking notes and getting them published to the membership. Any members who are interested and are willing to put the time into performing that function for the club please contact Scott for more information. There is a button on the Contact us page or email him at presidentgfts at

    Sign up for the GFTS email list:

  5. Kudos. A forum will be a good addition.

    The past secretary and his lack of communication, is now in charge of the club as president? This doesn’t seem to bode well as far as transparency.

    We love the greensboro system though, and would love to see some real leadership

    • The Secretary position is currently vacant.
      Would you be interested?
      Do you currently volunteer with the club?
      Are you a member of the club?

      We are working to change things.
      It takes time.

  6. “Real leadership” is only as successful as the volunteers behind that leader. One or two persons can’t drive any significant change without having dedicated people who are willing to not only give their constructive feedback as to what they want to see, suggestions as to how to get there, but most importantly to actually help implement those ideas by stepping up to make them happen.

    It’s nice to hear that you “love the Greensboro system though, and would love to see some real leadership”. That’s always a great start. But, obviously it takes a little more than expressing passion or dissatisfaction behind a keyboard to see things change in any venture.

  7. Wow, I got busy with work for a while and haven’t been riding much. I dusted off my bike and after a great ride decided to go visit my beloved and discovered it down. Chris and Laura, your site basically got me started in MTB, I met so many MTB riders and friends there and it was the best community of people I have ever met. G.M and Z.M, both let me ride their bikes before purchasing mine even though I was a complete stranger. I reconnected with a friend from 15 years prior, after responding to a ride request. I met a rider that I have been riding off and on weekly for a couple years now. Truly a sad day for me but I understand….

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